Argentina vs France: Live Links for World Cup 2022

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Argentina vs France: Live Links for World Cup 2022.

Argentina reached the finals of the competition again. After they last reached this stage in 2014, but lost to Germany in extra time. As for this year, the last 4 teams, the blue and white team, pass Croatia with great form. With the performances of Lionel Messi at their peak, it is expected that the 35-year-old will finally be able to lift the trophy in the final World Cup game of his career. or not

On the French side, the former champion in 2018. The performance is still excellent. After beating Morocco 2-0 last night. It will a direct meeting of two superstars from Paris Saint-Germain like Kilian Mbappe and Lionel Messi. We have to wait and see if the chicken brand team will make a national record. The third that can successfully defend the World Cup championship or not.

readiness before the game Argentina national team

Lionel Scaloni’s side will be given more than a day off after playing on Tuesday night. They will have Marcos Agunna and Gonzalo Montiel, duo of Sevilla, back from suspension, as options at left-back again. Gomez, who hurt his ankle, still has to see if he will be fit again in this game or not.

Predict 11 lineups. Argentina national team

Goalkeeper: Martinez
Defenders: Romero, Otamendi, Martinez
Midfielders: Molina, McAllister, De Paul, Enzo, Agunya
Strikers: Messi, Alvarez.

readiness before the game France national team

Didier Deschamps’ side also had to wait to check the fitness of Dayot Upamecano and Adrian Rabiot, who were previously ill. And there will be no Luca Hernandez name in this game, of course, from knee injury problems. But there are rumors that the team may bring Karim Benzema back to help the team in this important game on an ad hoc basis after he suffered an injury before the start of the tournament.

Predict 11 lineups. France national team

Goalkeeper: Lloris
Defender: Kounde, Varane, Konate, Theo 
Midfielders: Jouameni , Griezmann, Fofana Strikers: Dembele
Giroud, M. Bappe

Predict the possibility and outcome of the competition.

It is a very dignified and addictive final game with two favorite teams that are said to be the best at this time orbiting each other at the right time. Packed in almost every position, while Argentina, despite not having a star-studded team like before, but the players brought in are good players in the club that play together perfectly, with Lionel Messi. C is everything for the team. That makes this game a game that will be fun, even though each side takes turns to defend. 

But it is expected that both teams will not attack each other in the first place, will gradually look at the play carefully and wait for an opportunity to find a way to do it. Because if you miss the goal first, that could mean defeat. 

However, even if the chicken brand team looks ahead in the name of the player class, if compared to position per position But believe that in the end Lionel Messi will make the difference in this game. That will be his last World Cup match. While the blue and white team captain who looks inferior