“final” and “final” all their hearts for Argentina

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“final” and “final” with all their hearts for Argentina.

Finally the 2022 World Cup has arrived until the fateful day. Which many people probably already know. That the two nations that will compete this year are Argentina. The favorite against France, the former champion. A very meaningful match, including “ad hoc” fans like me and many. Who hope to see Lionel Messi recognized by “everyone” on the planet for being number 1.

Who said that he was a special fan That is because of the life of watching football. There are only a few players on the planet. That I see and feel in the cheer and hope for him to be successful. Sad to be disappointed and Messi is one of them. But I have to confess here. That I myself only concentrate on cheering for the Argentina national team. For the first time at the 2010 World Cup. Even though I was a fan of the Barcelona star at the time. From the era of playing with Ronaldinho.

Which, as I said, since the 2010 World Cup onwards, I have declared myself a follower of the Argentina national team, the kind that anyone who asks can proudly answer that I have always supported Argentina, which is not only the World Cup, but including Following their performance in the Copa America (South American Championship) as well

Of course, the thing that always gets me “in” and in the mood to watch Argentina play in the big tournaments is because of the national team. Since winning the Olympics in 2008, every tournament they’ve played at the most has only been second place since their painful loss to Germany in 2008’s World Cup final overtime. 2014, as well as losing on penalties to Chile for two consecutive years in the Copa America finals in 2015 and 2016, it only fueled the frustration and appetite to see Messi succeed with the national team and earn the title. Accept more and more exponentially.

It wasn’t until 2021 that they finally did it. Argentina won their first continental title in almost 30 years after doing so, the last time back in 1993, although. That add to Messi’s success. and “Ting” like me at some level But what everyone knows is that if you want to be the number one that people accept, you only have to win the “World Championship”. Therefore being raised to be a legend at the same level as veterans like Pele or Maradona

So what I and I believe many people who support Argentina like me agree is that regardless of the outcome this Sunday, Lionel Messi will always be number one for me. always Even if the conditions weren’t perfect to stand on the top But over the years. His performance has become clear that he deserves to be called the best player in the world. 

Thank you for making watching the World Cup through the years less boring. Thank you for inspiring me and many others to fall even more in love with football. As for Messi, I will continue to support him until the final games of my career. “goodbye” Thank you for the happy and sad moments over the past decades. It will be a memory. I will never forget and will happy to pass on this feeling as my grandfather used to tell about Pele. Father talked about Maradona’s versatility and I told the next generation about. The story of Messi and the Argentina national team. That was once a joy for me and millions of football fans around the world