France 2-0 Morocco: 5 conclusions after the Rooster.

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France 2-0 Morocco: 5 conclusions after the Rooster army pave the way to defend the World Cup title.

1. An early goal sets the momentum.

In the midst of an uncomfortable start, Morocco showed a clear approach from the formation of the starting 11 army by stuffing a 5-man defensive panel in a 5-4-1 formation, holding tight for a protracted game. Not much space was given to France advance attackers,

but then Antoine Griezmann show class in his moves. Organizing the body Flip the ball that was receive in front of the line. Snatche into the penalty area. Which was the source of a goal from Theo Hernandez from the 5th minute,

after which the representatives from the African continent seem confuse. While will able to return to a foothold in the latter half of the time

2. Sacrifice Saiss – the Moroccan players are exhaust

Nayef Agerd, Hakim Ziyech and Romain Saiss are the names of the key Moroccan men. Who have been in the news before the start of the game. All three are name in the The starting line-up faced France, shortly before the start of the game.

His thighs could be in the game for about 20 minutes before he could no longer play. While Ziyech appeared to out of action at about an hour

Especially in the last 20 minutes, even if the team was under the situation of needing an equalizing goal, their legs were almost unable to move.

3. Griezmann 2.0

Once again, Antoine Griezmann has demonstrated his understanding of the game as a No. 8 midfielder, contributing both to the attack and to the game. Unlike his usual role as a No 10

Didier Deschamps has the Atletico Madrid star in that role instead of the resources of Paul Pogba or Ngo. Lo Kante, a former key player for the Les Blues, was not include in the World Cup squad this time due to injury problems

Griezmann sits low in midfield alongside Youssouf Fofana and The 31-year-old is Frenchman with the third most interceptions at the team (twice), behind only Thuameni (four) and Ibrahima. Konate (5 times)

and most importantly, he can pass the ball to create the most chances for teammates to shoot the shot on the pitch at 4 times.

4. Mbappe vs Hakimi

The duel between Kylian Mbappe and team-mate Ashraf Hakimi at Paris Saint-Germain club level. It was noticed even before the start of the game. To the extent that Mbappe tweeted. That he would ‘burn up’ the Moroccan right-back to overwhelm

Morocco’s early deep defensive zone, leaving no space for Mbappe. Pepe has paint a pattern, besides the shot. That he receive the ball in the penalty area. Hit the block before the continuous rhythm was collect by Teo Hernandez, killing as an opening shot.

The duel between the duo took place only in Morocco’s defensive zone when Mbappe failed to maneuver Hakimi as Walid Rekraki’s men soared to coordinate with Ha. Kim Ziyech in the front, with Didier Deschamps in charge of Mbappe receiving the ball from the counter-attack so quickly that the Roosters had many thrilling shots.

Even Mbappe was involve in a late game on the left that led to Kolo Muani’s 2-0 coffin goal.